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Dexera’s core services are founded on five areas of visual communication that play a vital part in any modern business. Our approach is not to offer these services alone, but help you form a roadmap that positions your business as being truly different. We will help position your brand and cut through the noise in the marketplace to attract your ideal audience.

Brand strategy

Brand strategy
– position for success

A brand is simply what your customers think and feel about your business, based on the experiences they have with it. Dexera takes care of the visual communications between your business and your audience, making sure that who you are is who they think you are!

We provide consultation, from brand auditing to crafting a strategy that helps meet your business goals.

Graphic design

Graphic design
– make your visuals talk

There are countless ways to communicate in the visual language of fonts, shapes, colours and layouts. When combined in the right way, they can give your message an extra kick.

We provide graphic design services for a full range of print and digital solutions, whether ads, publications, collateral, corporate identity and more, giving your audience a consistent experience with all your visual touchpoints.


– show your unique story

Strong brands make sure all photographs used in communications have a purpose, tell the unique story of your business and reinforce your core values.

From concept to delivered files, Dexera partners with you in all the steps to create purposeful imagery. With Dexera’s high quality photography you can communicate the right message with every frame.

Video production

Video production
– tell stories with emotion

No media tool is more effective to tell stories and generate emotions than a well-produced video.

Dexera produces compelling video productions, from short product ads, to business presentations. With video, you can increase the effectiveness of your message, as well as scale your reach – especially when combined with an online strategy.

Web development

Web development
– serve your audience online

With a zillion websites, social media sites, mobile web apps and email marketing possibilities, establishing your presence in the online space can be quite overwhelming!

Dexera develops complete web, email and social media marketing strategies, giving your business what it needs to engage with your audience. With Dexera, you can be assured that your brand is where your customers are.

Three ways to work with us

Dexera Connect

An ongoing monthly subscription. Flexible and focused on your business goals and objectives.

For entrepreneurs with longterm goals that need ongoing strategic branding and marketing.

When you need a dedicated creative team, proactively working on your ongoing visual communication goals.

Fixed pricing for all services, in a choice of three packages.

Get in touch with us and see how Dexera Connect can transform your business.

Dexera Leap

Specialised services. Contract-based on agreed scope and outcomes.

For entrepreneurs with specific project needs requiring our specialised services.

When you need a custom or a one-time project with specific requirements.

Variable pricing, depending on services needed and project size.

Let’s build a project together and help your business make the next leap!

Dexera Learn

Educational online resources. Gives you the tools to develop your brand yourself.

For entrepreneurs interested in developing their business into a brand themselves.

When you need to inform yourself to make branding decisions for your current or future business.

Free branding resources and paid courses.

Learn how to develop your brand and your visual communications.

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