Project Description

Innovationscenter för landsbygden
– event coverage and launch video

The brief

Innovationscenter för landsbygden is an innovation project initiated by Sjöbo municipality to help business development in the countryside. To kick off the launch of their first innovation conference, we were approached to produce a video that would create awareness of the project by covering the event with photography and video production.

The production involved documenting the event with photography and video, as well as recording interviews with key players at the innovation conference. The final presentation film was edited, and distributed through social media.

Our approach

Production of the conference coverage started with the planning phase, where an outline and script were carefully written up even before one photograph was taken. On the day of the event, a team set up a dedicated space with lights to record interviews. Through the day, the program was documented both with photograph and video. After the event, we needed additional footage, so we traveled to several locations, recording multiple interviews.

After the event came post-production, where we sat down with project leaders and outlined the story for the video. The story went to editing and graphics, where the final touches were put to the final video ready for delivery.

We were really pleased how this project turned out as it allowed Innovationscenter för landsbygden to present a complex project in a simple and approachable way. The video was a hit on social media networks, where it was viewed thousands of times within the first weeks. The project effectively positioned the Innovationscenter as a serious, professional initiative and months later, people in the business community still remember the video.


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