Project Description

Ekonomieffekt – creating a results-driven brand

The brief

Ekonomieffekt, a leading accounting firm, came with an ambition to grow their business beyond the start-up phase. They believed that by bringing clarity to their brand, it would help them scale their business in the future.

The project involved creating a brand strategy, identity guidelines, shooting and editing custom photography, designing an awareness card, and producing two video spots for the website.

Our approach

We started by going deep into the core values of Ekonomieffekt’s brand – its purpose and vision that would guide the business into the future. Instead of creating independent elements of the brand, we created a system that would allow prospects and customers flow from one media to another.

As many new clients came from personal contact and networking events, a card was designed to raise curiosity to visit the website. On the website, the visual branding stayed consistent through colour, imagery and a modern clean layout. The website was designed to give visitors the impression of Ekonomieffekt as a professional company with a personal touch, reinforced through videos directly speaking to visitors. Through the design and creation of these visual touch points, it has helped establish Ekonomieffekt as a credible, informative and personal brand.

It was really fun to work with the Dexera guys – they are professional and knowledgeable! I learned a lot about myself and my business, giving me a lot more confidence when I go out and meet potential clients.

It was good to have a professional sounding board to help me work through the process of developing Ekonomieffekt’s brand – and I would definitely recommend every business do it!

I had high expectations, but the work Dexera did easily exceeded them! I really appreciate the brand guidelines – they have given me a solid foundation to further develop Ekonomieffekt.

Filip Måbring, Ekonomieffekt Sverige AB

Brand identity

When Ekonomieffekt approached us, they had just one logo file, and no guidelines of how it should be used. We created brand package which included creating a variety of logos for print, screen and web use. It also included a 20-page digital document with unstuffy instructions on how to use the logos, colours and images, keeping the visual branding looking consistent and professional.


Our aim was to capture the personal aspect of Ekonomieffekt through warm, natural-looking photography. Daylight lighting and post-processing editing created a consistent look, building trust between Ekonomieffekt and their audience.


We had two main purposes for the video: first, to increase visitor engagement with the website and second, to communicate that Economieffekt is a modern business using the latest tools. We also positioned Economieffekt as being more approachable with its visitors and customers, tapping into their core values.

We took care of all the steps, from concept and scriptwriting to editing and publishing the videos. The format and structure of the video is designed in a way that future productions won’t need to rethink the concept, but can be efficiently made with new content.


Networking cards

Networking events and conferences can often mean meeting prospects for a short time, and trying to remember everyone you have met can be difficult. We designed Ekonomieffekt’s networking card to direct prospects to the website, where they will go to a hidden link and watch a short 30 second welcome video, inviting visitors to book a free meeting. This connected information flow bridges one medium to another.


This responsive website puts visitor’s needs centre stage from the start. A welcome video greets visitors, helping them to know which services might be the best fit. A clear contact area is present on each page, and an online chat function gives visitors easy access to an Ekonomieffekt agent. Visit to see more.


Part of creating a strategy for growing Ekonomieffekt was designing templates and setting up an email newsletter system.

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