Project Description

Bombi Bitt – a pre-school gets visible

The brief

Parents who visit Bombi Bitt pre-school, more often than not, love the place, the staff and seeing happy children, and end up sending their children there. Triggered by the celebrations around the 25th anniversary of the school, Bombi Bitt’s school board wanted to communicate to prospective parents the values and experience of the school, before they ever set foot there. They realised that a marketing push was needed and thought that the 25th anniversary was a perfect time for a brand update.

Our approach

Dexera’s first step was to work with Bombi Bitt on their core brand values, which are summarised in the school’s motto “A place to long for”. Essentially, the school focussed on tailoring the program around the child’s needs and development. In redesigning and creating the illustrations for the logo, two characters emerged influenced by nostalgic art – the optimistic faces being the focal points.

From the logo development, a colour palette was created, guide book written and a brochure designed. Bombi Bitt went all in, printing bottles, caps, bags, posters, a banner and letterhead, photography and website. The responses? “It was easy to decide once I came to the website” said one parent. Many commented about how it makes a clear picture of what the school is about. Most importantly, the school has a healthy enrolment and the kids have a school that they are proud of!

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