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About Dexera

Dexera was founded in 2016 by photographer Heber Teixeira and graphic designer Daniel Pedley in southern Sweden, with the mission to help ambitious businesses with limited visual communication resources become strong brands.

Meet the Dexera team

Hello, I’m Daniel! My mission as Creative Director at Dexera is to help craft your message in the visual language of design, in all forms of media– whether print, web or TV. I’ll take my MA education and 20+ years experience as a graphic designer, working with non-profits, corporate and commercial clients, and pour it lovingly into your next project. Most of all, I promise to keep the process straightforward and simple.

Hello, I’m Heber! Though I have the title of Managing Director at Dexera, I’m more known for being behind the camera, capturing amazing moments in people’s lives. In 2005, I registered my photo business which later got me experience in storytelling through video and TV production. I’m excited about using my skills to produce compelling and emotional visual stories that will transform your business into a brand!

Hello, I’m Antonella! As executive administrator, my mission is to make Dexera tick. To that end, I bring my rich experience as a writer, editor, translator and banking supervisor. I value promptness, organisation and delivering customer satisfaction at every level of our business – every time.

Hello, I’m David! I love combining creativity with technology. When I’m building websites, I do just that. With extensive experience in WordPress and an eagerness to stay up-to-date with the latest web standards and developments, I’ll help you successfully launch your brand online and get a website that you can be proud of!

Hi, I’m Patrik! With many years of experience and a keen interest in media production, I look forward to working with you! I love creating living stories – first with the camera and then in the editing room. At Dexera, I get the chance to use my previous experience and, in combination with fantastic technical tools, work with you to make your company’s brand even more bright.

Hello, my name is Victor! My role is to help you as a customer to formulate your message in a meaningful and attractive way, to create content and manage your online presence on the platforms where you would like to be seen. As a copywriter, it is important to me that you as a customer are satisfied and your customers are happy about what you are offering them. In the past, I have worked as an editorial writer and a teacher of Swedish and physical education.

Hello, my name is Aaron! It’s a wonderful feeling to see a design come to life and become a fully functional website and I look forward to sharing that feeling with you. It is important to me that your website looks and works exactly as you want it to. In addition to my great passion for web development, I have completed two certified courses in this area. My vision is that you as a customer will be satisfied with your website and achieve high visibility online that contributes to increased customer flow!

Hi, I’m Christian! I have years of experience within graphic design and marketing – as a consultant in my own business, as an employee, and working for volunteer organisations and projects. Something I really enjoy is to develop and visualize business core values. The visual part of your business is essential for your brand, and for reaching your target group. I look forward to help you visualize your brand in many different settings!

Brands we’ve worked with

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